About Kevin Shabaar Smith

Kevin Shabaar Smith | President, The Kevin Shabaar Smith Co.

Kevin Shabaar Smith

Entrepreneur | Executive Coach | Speaker | Consultant

Hey there! My name is Kevin Shabaar Smith
I have been a consultant, coach and CEO for over a decade and now I am utilizing everything I have learned to help other coaches who want to build a profitable, world-class coaching business. If you're ready, I want to help you too!!!

Let's Chat!

If you'd like to chat with me or one of my team members...let's do it!  We'll take a look at your business, what you'd like to accomplish, and what challenges may be holding you back! At the end of our time together, we will map out a strategy for you to grow you're business...even if we don't continue to work together! This call will be the best investment you've made in  your business in a very long time!

DISCLAIMER: I am not a big fan of touting educational credentials.  I truly believe with all my heart and soul that the ability to help others comes from empathy, understanding, experience and reflection.  When we take all of that and structure it in a way that others can tap into - we wind up with something that no certificate or degree can express.  However, I do appreciate how credentials begin to build the bridge of trust....so here are some of mine.....

  • M.B.A - Penn State University
  • B.A. Business Finance
  • B.A. Business Management
  • A.S.A Business Information Systems
  • Certified Human Capital Specialist
  • Certified John C. Maxwell Executive Coach
  • Certified Senior Professional of Human Resources
  • Certified Myers-Briggs Administrator
  • Certified Lean Operations Champion
  • Certified Six Sigma Green Belt

I am so glad you are taking time to get to know me! Thanks!