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How To Find Your Superpower For Your Coaching or Consulting Business

Have you ever noticed how some businesses just seem to be known for "certain stuff"?

...or for being really, really good at certain things?

Well, have you ever wondered how they got that way? 

Some businesses just seem to get that reputation for being good at a very specific thing that separates them from the pack...but it's not by accident. They're superpower was crafted strategically...and you can craft yours the EXACT same way!

So How do you differentiate your coaching business or consulting business?

Well, it's time to start thinking about how your coaching business or consulting business can be different.

And I know that if you're anything like me, like analytics might not be your thing.  So I created this tool for you to help you out here and make things super-simple.  Just grab it and follow along!

So why should you focus on this?

Well, because if you do this the wrong way....

  • You can waste time spinning your wheels thinking your branding yourself as being different, when in reality you're just doing what others have tried and later realized just doesn't work.

  • You can fall victim to thinking that your working on the seemingly urgent, and you're really missing the stuff that's truly important and missing the stuff that can really help make your business different

  • And ultimately you can just end up missing opportunities to be that go-to source for clients that are looking for that one thing.. 

The good thing is if you get this right, you can...

  • do what nobody else is really doing, or maybe they're doing, but they're doing a terrible job of it.  I'm sure you've seen companies that are out there and in some aspect of their business, they're just falling super, super short, right?

  • you can have something solid to focus on that truly adds value to your business, and
  • instead of missing opportunities, you can seize opportunities to add real value... and not just from a marketing point of view, but from a business strategy point of view.  You can be different in a way that separates you from the others...because you can do something great while others struggle.

    It's About Finding Your Parking Spot!

      First, you can start by doing a comparison and see where you fit.

      Picture this...

      ... it's like a full parking lot at a mall.

      And as you scan the mall there are very few empty parking spots.

      But if you look at the right place at the right time...BAM! find that one spot that's open, right!!??

      So you hustle and you jump in there and claim your spot.

      Well..what you want to do is find that empty parking spot in the mall of business!

      Find Out What's Important to Your Clients

      First, you want to take a look at what's important to your clients.

      List all the things that clients in your market feel are important.  You may have to do a few interviews, browse some online groups, and read reviews of competitors services. But what's important here is that you understand the playing field.

      You're trying to find out how your clients keep score! (use the tool to see examples)

      Define What You're Really Good At 

      Next, take a good look at your list.  Give yourself an honest assessment at how you deliver on these attributes your clients fine important.

      Rate your business in terms of how well, or how challenged it delivers on these things.

      Do The Same For Your Competitors 

      Once you have a list of client needs, and you've rated yourself on delivery, you can move on and do the same for your competitors.  This will allow you to take an honest look at the playing field.

      REMEMBER: This isn't a personal reflection of YOU.  Not all business can be all things to all clients.  This is about taking an objective look and seeing where you can capitalize...

      ...and find your spot.

      It may sound easier said than done.  That's why I'm giving you access to this free tool.

      Find Your Spot! 

      Time to Find Your Spot! 

      I want you to go through the process and just use it.  Discover what you are (or can be) really good at, and your competition may be lacking.

      ...and see if you can fill the spot.  Don't forget to use the tool I'm providing you!

      I even created a video to show you how to use it!

      I don't want anything from you except for maybe circle around and tell me what you think.

      So again....

      First, take a look at what's truly important from the perspective of the client.

      Then, take a good assessment of where you rate in terms of strengths and weaknesses.

      Next, look where your competitors rank in terms of those same attributes.

      And finally see if you can find the empty parking spot!

      You've got this!!!

      Good luck. And I will talk to you guys soon. Take care.

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