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How to Set Yourself Apart As a Coach or Consultant may have noticed there's are a ton.... and I mean a ton of coaches, consultants and experts entering the online space.  Unfortunately, there's a huge percentage of them that quite frankly...aren't that good.  Many aren't even interested in becoming good.  They're just jumping in and trying to build an online coaching business to make a quick dollar.

If you're anything like I was when I started my consulting business, you want to do everything you can to separate yourself from the group of people....that growing group  of yahoos that are just putting up a a site, calling themselves a coach and trying to take advantage of the online landscape.

So how do you do that?  How do you create an online business that's different...

...a business that stands out?

...a business that's unique?

Because if you get this wrong...

...your ability to get more clients will suffer as perfect will start to lump you in with all the others...

...your message falls flat, because they've hear the same thing all the time... can't separate yourself from your business because you've counted on YOUR uniqueness to prop up the business.

BUT...if we get this right, you can build an online business that takes on a life of it's own...with it's own unique message and fingerprint....

...your business will reflect who you are (because it was created by you), but will not be solely dependent ON you...

...and you will start to build unique intellectual property that will add tangible value to your business!

That sounds great, right??

So..How do you do it?

And so how do you do that? 

You create a unique coaching framework for your business.

You untangle all the expertise you have swirling around in your head and break it down into a unique master framework for your business.  Break it down into a unique process (it will be unique because you're unique) that takes your clients from point A to point Z...

...a process that moves them from their problem, to you promised outcome.

Your master framework is unique, and therefore everything that revolves around it will take on that unique flavor.

You'll have a unique product that reflects who you are...

...and eventually this framework will allow you to add value to your clients...even if you're not at the wheel 24/7!

Let's Make An Agreement

So let me ask you this let's make an agreement...

...just between you, me and the internet, let's make an agreement. 

Let's start running our business differently.

Start separating yourself from all the yahoos.

And even if you're just starting out...that's even can start setting yourself apart now!

Either way take a different path...and ethical path.

Because you deserve it and your clients deserve it.

Your clients deserve to hear something different from you...

... to feel something different from you... see something different in your business.

And so let's give that to them. 

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