Are Your Ready To Get Your Business Untangled?

It's time to finally transform the stuff you know into the business and life you'll love.

Are you ready to transform all the ideas, learning, information and expertise in your head...into a structured and scaleable business....without all the distraction and overwhelm?  Let's do this!

"The Difference Between Coaching or Consulting... and Having A Real Coaching Business Is The Organization of Your Knowledge and Expertise"

Successful coaches and consultants know the secret to structuring their expertise in a way that's simple and easy to consume.

It's one thing to have a bunch of knowledge, but if nobody understands what you do or how you can help... it's a struggle.

It's one thing to have a bunch of experience to share, but if you don't know how to deliver it in a way that adds value without's a struggle.

It's one thing to be an expert in your field, but if your expertise isn't packaged and presented in a way that converts into's a struggle.

It's one thing to have a "coaching or consulting business", but if it take all of your time and energy organize and provide it on a consistent basis... it's a struggle.

I Was The Smartest Broke Person On The Block!

I started my brick and mortar consulting business shortly after receiving my M.B.A.  I had a ton of experience in management and business operations.... I knew a bunch of stuff and had a bunch of experience.

So...with some encouragement from a mentor of mine...I went out on my own.

I wanted to build a business that would provide everything I wanted in, time, impact, and all the things most coaches and consultants want!

But there was a problem...I knew I could help business owners grow their business...I just couldn't wrap my mind around exactly HOW I could do it!

I mean, I had all the buzz words going for me...efficiency, effectiveness, high-performance, engagement, acumen...blah, blah, blah...

I knew...a bunch of stuff....and nobody really cared...

...and I struggled.

I Remember Thinking To Myself...
 "I Know A Ton Of Stuff That's Super Valuable, If I Could Just Package It And Put a Bow On It!" ?

If you're anything like I was, you know you can help people.  It's who you's your DNA.

Like you, the missing piece for me wasn't my desire to succeed, my work ethic, or lack of ability.

The missing piece for me was turning all that "stuff" into a business....

So I did what I do best...

I did what I had a decade of prior experience doing... I simplified, and structured.

I took everything I thought I could share with clients, and I injected simplicity and structure.  I applied what I learned in a decade of operations leadership...and I applied it to my business...

...and it flat works like gangbusters!

It Was Like A Knowledge "Home Base".... A Sun That Everything Else In My Business Revolved Around!

I discovered really quick that I had been wasting so much time, resources, and energy on learning more stuff, rather than learning how to leverage what I already knew!

Once I was able to untangle my expertise and create a model that held everything in place (including my focus!)...everything changed.

I no longer had to worry about....

...the frustration of going on tangents in  sales conversations...

...the overwhelm that came from having a million different ideas going through my head non-stop...

...the wasted time spent in front of a computer screen wondering what content I should create...

...the fear of wondering if people would "get it", and see the value in what I was doing...

...the insecurity from a sales process that seemed more "luck of the draw" than a tool that produced a consistent revenue stream...

NOPE.  Everything came back to model, the framework, the system...and it worked.

And now I want to share it with you!

"You truly are a standout teacher because of your sheer dedication to your field.  Especially when going over the processes, you always made extra sure that everyone understood the material.  Being able to ask any question for clarification really shows you care about the success of your members.  Thank you for a great program, I really appreciate what you do." - Crystal G.

Oh, Great...Another Marketing Guru Promising Me The World...

I'm not a huge fan of touting educational credentials.  I truly believe with all my hear and soul that the ability to help others comes from empathy, understanding, experience, and reflection.

When we take all of that and structure it in a way that others can grab hold to change their lives, we wind up with something that no certificate or degree can express.

However, I appreciate how credentials begin to build a bridge of trust, and for that reason, here are just a few of mine...

I'm Kevin Shabaar Smith!
I'll be your business consultant!

M.B.A - Penn State University
B.A. Business Finance
B.A Business Management
A.S.A Business Information Systems
Certified Human Capital Strategist
Certified John C Maxwell Executive Coach
Certified Lean Business Operations Champion
Certified Six Sigma Green Belt


Most programs that teach entrepreneurs how to scale a business are run by marketers.  This can often create a disconnect that falls short, because there's an assumption you have the other business foundations already in place.  

Of course there's nothing wrong with marketing...I LOVE MARKETING!

But if you don't model your expertise correctly, all the marketing in the world won't work.
You just end up confusing more people...including yourself....faster!

"...But Is This Program Really For Me?

If you're a coach, consultant or course creator and you feel...

  • stuck trying to create a real business with what you already know? List item two
  • frustrated from taking courses that just make you feel you need to take another course? 
  • tired of hearing all the talk about "freedom" and getting little help finding it?
  •  confused about what should be in your program to begin with?
  •  irritated by shiny objects you don't realize are just really shiny objects until you've wasted your time or money?
  •  paralyzed because you have so many ideas, but know know how to piece them all together?
  •  totally over trading your time for client dollars and can't see an end in sight?

If Any Of That Sounds Familiar...then


  • With the right framework in place, you CAN build the. business you love
  • You don't have to feel like you've never learned enough to get started.  You can can do this!
  • you can define freedom in YOUR terms and and actually start to FEEL it fast!
  • You can have 100% clarity on what you should deliver and to who!
  • You can work with from shiny objects and more distractions! 
  • You can learn how to work with your ideas and thoughts without feeling you have to do everything! 
  • You can earn revenue based on the value you bring and not just the hours you work!

Here's Just Some Of What We Will Accomplish Together...

Coaching Clientology

The wider your audience, the better, right? NOT SO FAST! 
You'll learn the system that I teach all my clients to connect better with those you want to serve.  Your clients will think you've crawled inside their heads!

Your Master Framework

This is what separates the frenzied from the focused!  You will create a framework you entire business can revolve around! Set yourself apart from the crowd by using your own unique methodology for helping clients break through challlenges!

Levels And Ladders

While other coaches keep their clients for a few months, you will learn how to structure a system to help and retain clients 10X longer!

The Authority Pipeline

Building your list is the single-most critical element in revenue creation, but it doesn't 'just happen'. You'll learn how to use the single-most effective tool in marketing that will build authority and save countless hours wasted on content creation and list building.  Now's the time to up-level you content marketing game for good. 

Relationship Sequences

Learn how to build the "know, like, trust" bridge quickly and without all the stress.  I'll show you the make it your own. If you can cut and paste, you can implement this awesomeness!

Conquering Conversions

The purpose of marketing is to make sales easy.  Once you master the basics,  your sales process will convert leads into paying clients with minimal effort...with or without YOU.  The days of "salesy" pitches and high-pressure tactics are long gone!

Leading With Leverage

You'll learn the "little things" that make a massive difference in reaching the next level.  From delivering leveraged coaching services to building rockstar frameworks for your everyday work, the path to more time and  freedom starts right here!

The Anatomy of A Business

Every business is the same inside, once you strip away all the smoke and mirrors.  And once you learn the anatomy of your business , you can troubleshoot, repair and accelerate ANY part of your operations.  This is what they NEVER teach you in any marketing course!

Activity 2 Achievement

You will set up a game-changing productivity and accountability system that will launch your business to the next level. You begin to get more done in 90 days than most people get done in an entire year....with no additional effort.


If we don't's FREE.

We promise that you'll have a better structured coaching or consulting program, built to usher in more clients, more free time, and allow you to have a greater impact on those you serve. You'll develop a program built to deliver results, built to sell, and built to match the lifestyle that you want.

I'm an easy-going, light-hearted person, but I also take your coaching program as seriously as I take mine.  I believe in my program and if you apply what you learn'll see results.

Here's How It Works....

When you sign up for this program, we won't bill you for the first 21 days.  If after 21 days you utilize the program and feel we have not delivered on our promise...we'll return your ENTIRE investment....PERIOD.


And just to be crystal clear on the value here, we've dealt with countless clients over the years in one form or another...and have NEVER had a single request for a refund due to unmet expectations.


  1. Access to the entire 8-week program with over ten hours of searchable content ($1997 Value)
  2. All content, support and the community for an entire year. That's 10 free months! ($997 Value)
  3. Exclusive access to the online learning center where all content is stored ($997 Value)
  4. Bi-Weekly LIVE coaching calls.  That's at least 24 coaching calls with Kevin ($37,000 Value)
  5. The UYE Playbook, guides, worksheets, and templates ($497 Value)
  6. Exclusive access to the Private FB group ($497 Value)
  7. No Risk Guarantee - If you participate and don't feel you're getting value from it, we'll buy it back.

That's Over $50,000 in Value!

But You Will Have Immediate Access TODAY For ONLY $997

ONLY $997


Frequently Asked Questions

The program is 9-Weeks with access to all materials, and suppport for an entire year!  Content is rolled out every week during the program.  This is to avoid overwhelm and to ensure your going through the material in an order that will serve you best.

The weekly content is delivered via recording, and of course the weekly Q&A calls are live.

Currently, all LIVE coaching calls are with Kevin directly! You can ask Kevin questions during those calls and get answers right away.  The recorded training modules are also delivered by Kevin.

The live coaching calls are every other week and typically delivered on Tuesdays at 11:30EST.  We provide a calendar you can sync up with so you never lose track

You'll be able to finish each module in less that an hour (typically).  Of course we suggest you tune into every coaching call that are being made available to you.  These are typically an hour or so in length and are available twice a month.