The Reverse Ask™

No More Fear of Sales, Inauthentic Scripts, or Old School Tactics. Limited Time Offer!

How to Transform Your Discovery Calls into Ideal Coaching Clients... Even If You Don't Like Sales!

Learn a proven pathway and process that will transform your discovery calls from an uncomfortable waste of your into an enjoyable experience that produces revenue time, and time again....even if you've never been "good at sales"!


Imagine ending your introductory calls with your ideal clients asking YOU to tell them more....asking YOU what they can do to work with you....asking YOU to get started NOW!  This 9-Step Process will guide you through conducting value-added, revenue-generating calls without all the "feels" of pushy, annoying, high-pressure tactics.  Because all of that is old school BS that adds no real value and leaves both the client AND you feeling unsatisfied.  It's time to take the coaching skills you already have to ensure your future clients will jump through the phone to pay you for your services!

Here is Just Some of What We'll Cover in Our Time Together....

The Silent Majority

Learn why 70% of people will never book a call with you in the first place...and the simple trick to turning that around FAST!

The Big Rapport Myth!

Finding common ground is the key to building rapport, right? WRONG!  I'll explain why this myth could be killing your efforts!

The Magical Minute

The ONE sentence that can multiply your success rate within the first 60 seconds of your call. (and why leaving it out could make things really awkward!)

The Value Add Call

Learn the truth about adding value as a means to getting clients to say "yes" (and chances are, it's not be what you think it is)

Ten Time YES!

Lean simple way to have even the most stubborn of prospects saying YES before you even mention your offer!

The Big Three

You'll learn the THREE invisible pillars of any successful sales process, and the critical elements hiding away inside each one!

The Reverse Ask™ Framework

Heck no! We're not just going to cover the "why" and the "what"!  I'm going to walk you through exactly HOW to use this framework from beginning to end so you start transforming calls into clients immediately.

This 4-Part Masterclass Series is Just What the Doctor Ordered if....

  • You've kicked yourself after getting off a call and realizing you forgot to cover a critical component of your offer?  
  • You've experienced that "what the heck just happened?" feeling after losing control of a call that went on a seemingly hour-long tangent.
  • You've thought you nailed a call with an ideal client only to get "ghosted" for the next month trying to follow up!
  • You're frustrated from consultants and old-school sales "pros" telling you it'll get better with time, just stick to the script....knowing deep inside it's just not right for you.
  • You're excited to learn but it seems like every time you get on a call you never quite get into a flow...because you know the "close" is right around the corner!
  • You understand your hesitation for sales will cause your business to suffer, but you still freeze when it comes to putting you offer out there...because you know you'll have to sell it.
  • You're ready to get out of your head and step into your strengths....the strengths YOU ALREADY launch your sales process to the next level.

I'm Kevin Shabaar Smith, and I'll be your business coach for the next few days!

Kevin Shabaar Smith

I'm Kevin Shabaar Smith.  I've been building coaching programs with organizations and solopreneurs for over a decade now.

I've worked with brand new coaches, and multi-million dollar organizations helping transform their knowledge and expertise into coaching processes, programs and scaleable businesses.  

How? By building coaching systems and frameworks into their business.  By taking the intangible and making it tangible.  

The bottom line is there are a TON of people out there right now waiting...not waiting for me, not waiting for the next Tony Robbins.  They are waiting for YOU.

And I want to help you set yourself up with the space to show up for them in ALL your glory.  

I want you to lift the weight of "self-employment" off your back and help you build a business by design...the business you'll fall in love with!  

If your ready to move from chaos to calm, and transform calls into clients.....Let's get started.

It's Your Turn Now!