The Reverse Ask [FREE DOWNLOAD]

The Reverse Ask™ : A Non-Salesy Approach to Discovery Calls


If you're a have what it takes to be GREAT at sales... You've just been exposed to an outdated method.  Now it's your turn to shine!

How to Transform More Discovery Calls into More Coaching Clients...Even If You Don't Like Sales!

Imagine ending your introductory calls with ideal clients asking YOU to tell them more....asking YOU what they can do to work with you....asking YOU to get started NOW!  This 9-Step Process will guide you through conducting value-added, revenue-generating calls without all the "feels" of pushy, annoying, high-pressure tactics.  Because all of that is old school BS that adds no real value and leaves both the client AND you feeling unsatisfied.  It's time to take the coaching skills you already have to ensure your future clients will jump through the phone to pay you for your services!

This framework is helping other coaches increase revenue RIGHT NOW!